Recently, I have read an article of a Western expat living in my hometown Hanoi where he claimed that he is living a little life. That term rang a bell for me, probably I am living a similarly little life here far way from Vietnam.

So what is a little life?

A little life is a life with less or almost no drama. No fancy exotic Instagram with length list of catchy hashtags. Your Facebook update is not so often to be seen and with only few likes and comments. You’re not a popular guy in town either.

Most days of your year are unremarkable. Yes, your daily routine is the probably the same or very similar.

There are a seriously big piece of your life that is not interesting at all. Paying the rent and commuting to work, just an example.

But it’s ok.

It’s fine, really.

Because there is really a limited number of things you can pay attention to. You should wisely choose them. You cannot work towards your big goal and at the same time, live a shiny life and look gorgeous on social network.

Because if you want to be really good at something (and becomes successful thanks to it), you must concentrate on deliberately practicing it on daily basis. Thus, your every day probably looks the similar.

Because if you live a little life, you can ignore the external noise and focus on things that really matter to your life. You find your inner peace of mind with little life.

Because after all, living a little life does not mean a ‘little’ goal. Your ambitious gigantic goal cannot be achieved in one or two days, but you need to constantly come a little bit closer to it every day. You needs to be consistent and choosing to living a little life is the best approach to do that.

So, that’s it for other day in my little life.

Product engineer / novice writer (

Product engineer / novice writer (